What the little one said…

9 months ago our girls moved in with us. Little was 17 months at the time. Every day she has said or done something that has made us laugh or think, as my husband says ‘I think she actually knows more than we do!”

Although I know that these things are very personal as to whether they are funny or not, I thought I would share some of her more recent brilliant quotes.

1. One day recently she fell and jumped up saying, “Mummy, I bumped my eyebrow!” then followed it up with , “Don’t worry mummy, I just going to the shop to get a new eyebrow.”

2. When tucking her into bed two nights ago, I said, “Night night baby girl.” To which she responded (very loudly), “I not a baby, I a big girl.”

3. Whilst getting ready for bed, she informed us that, “I a clever girl.” To which we responded, “Yes, you are.” She then followed it up with, “I a heavy lump too!”

4. Recently she has moved from a high chair to ‘a big girl’s chair’. She sits across from daddy who was tickling her feet. “Mummy, daddy getting his feet on my big girl’s chair!” “Well you’ll have to say, ‘Daddy, please could you get your feet down.'” She thought about this for approximately two seconds then said across the table, “Daddy GET your feet down!”

5. On being told that she would be getting her snack when she had said goodbye to the stay and play lady (who was only about half way through her session), she walked straight over to her and said, “Bye Bye K…..” and proceeded to make her way to the table.

6. After a very impromptu start to toilet training (I not wearing at appy anymore) we presented her with a lovely pair of navy, spotty knickers (with a very obvious bow), she took one look at them and declared “Them ones boy’s knickers.”

We have two wee girls and I hope to very soon be able to write a post about the wonderful things that Big has said. She’s not quite there yet. Though as she herself said today, “I didn’t eat anything off the floor today,” so progress is being made. And it is really important to celebrate that piece of progress. Tomorrow will (probably) bring many tears, many wails and many incidents that we have to sort out. But maybe she won’t eat off the floor or maybe she’ll get dressed or maybe she’ll eat some of her meal with a fork. Here’s to the many maybes of the world and to maybe a (large) gin and tonic…


5 thoughts on “What the little one said…

  1. Cheers to the large gin and tonic! And I’ll hope that some of those maybes turn to definitely!

    Thanks for linking to #WASO (please be careful about what you paste onto the form though as your first attempt didn’t work).


  2. Our first year was really hard, and we only had one to look after. I love that you are celebrating successes, even the small ones. And I think Little is very funny, but I’m sure it is even more so to see and hear it in real life.


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