A good day

Today has been a good day. We have had happy times, joyful times, creative times and some relatively peaceful times. We made sticky pictures, we went to the library, we went to buy popcorn, we played the colours game, we read the library books, we read ALL the books my dad sent us, we made lunch together, we had lunch, we went to play in the castle park, we watched Cinderella, we had snack, we sang movement songs, we played with the beanbags, we read more stories and much more.  But…

And I’m afraid there is a but. I haven’t had a cup of tea, I haven’t been to the toilet and my children haven’t been alone for a single second. Now, I know that they need this and I understand that. But this is not sustainable parenting. Tea must be drunk throughout the day!

So, by acknowledging that we have a good day when I am a constant presence, how do we begin to move forward?

On the not so good days, I make lunch when Little naps, I get tea ready when she naps, I get everything done during this time so that I can be with them as much as possible. But clearly the loo breaks and the tea breaks and the occasional ‘sitting in a chair and taking a deep breath’ breaks are having an impact.

So this post is becoming an ‘answers on a postcard please’. How do I give my children what they clearly need but manage to have a moment? (and an empty bladder!)

We are 10 months into our journey, a relatively short amount of time but long enough to establish routines. Long enough to create visual timetables and to build up a repertoire of this is what we do.

But it’s not enough. My children are obviously needing more from me.

And I really want to give it to them but…


6 thoughts on “A good day

  1. No advice I’m afraid, but sending an empathic hug. In our earlier days with Mini, life was often like this. I embraced it to begin with, but a few months down the line I realised I couldn’t sustain it. I did get occasional toilet breaks, but he’d come with me. I did have time to make a cuppa, but never got to the bottom of a warm cup. I hope you find something that works for you all.

    And thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO


  2. A day without tea is not good! My hubby makes he a huge Thermos mug of tea before he leaves for work (around 5.30 / 6am) and I slowly drink it through the morning, then top up at lunch time.
    I also go to a toddler group with a friend just so we can sit and people bring us tea all morning while we play with our kids, they also give us biscuits.
    We also struggle with toilet breaks so keen to hear suggestions too.


  3. Thermos mug is a genius idea! We used to go to toddlers but Little was getting too overstimulated & wasn’t sleeping at all so we’ve had to cut back. She ‘helped’ me get the lunch stuff ready this morning while she was having snack (this mainly involved her watching me chop then saying ‘I have a little bit mummy?’!) but it did get the job done!


  4. I have this mug ( http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/foil-food-bags-storage/thermocafe-desk-mug-045l-purple ) it’s not completely water tight, hence desk mug not travel mug, but it keeps the drink warm enough for several hours and is a bit nicer to drink from than the proper flasks, the newer style China-type ones with silicone lids just don’t keep it warm enough for long enough. Also these also seem to be half price in our Sainsburys. (I do dream about fresh tea you can drink in one go).

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