This week The Adoption Social have been talking about the ‘best bits’. The positivity this has generated has been lovely and it has been very heartening to read about others’ successes.

And this week I think I have come to accept that our ‘best bits’ are going to be very different to other people’s.

When my four year old lets me carry her out of playgroup, that’s a best bit. (No matter what other people may think, ‘what’s a big girl like you doing up there?’)

When I take my two year old swimming and she closely watches the interaction between another mum and her tiny baby, then wants to copy, this is a best bit. (And I’m not going to lie, this was amazing. She had cuddles and kisses and smiles galore.)

When my four year old gives me a spontaneous kiss on the elbow, this is a best bit. (I waited 11 months but it came.)

When the three of us sit on the swing seat sharing (I give all mine away and they eat theirs!) ice lollies in the sun and they’re both leaning on me for ten minutes and it’s calm, this is a best bit.

When our two year old, after 11 months of saying ‘I like you…” shouts ‘wuv you daddy, wuv you’ as he heads off to work, this is a best bit.

So what I’ve come to accept is that our best bits look different but they’re there. And they might not come in a form that I can always capture them but they’re there.

So, my plan is, that in every post I’m going to try to include a best bit. To remind myself that, actually, we’re doing okay.


5 thoughts on “Acceptance…

  1. Your best bits sound pretty awesome to me! The first year-ish is really hard, those are big step. And don’t worry about what other people think when you carry your child. My tween still reaches for my hand in public and I hold it every time!


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