Mummy time

Once a week, Little goes to a playgroup session to give Big and I ‘mummy time’. Clearly this is very important and something that needed to happen. But, I’ll be honest, the thought of ‘mummy time’ usually fills me with unease and a sense of impending doom.

This is usually the time that Big takes to vent everything that has happened throughout the week. (Not with words but in other, much more creative, ways.) It falls at the end of the week when everyone is tired and being therapeutic takes more than I’ve got.

However. Not today. Today was amazing. We went swimming and she let me hold her, she let me spin her, she let me catch her while she jumped and she looked to me when she felt she’d done something well. She also let me help her swim with just one hand on her tummy. This shows a huge amount of trust as it’s taken a long time for her to a) let us help her and b) relax enough to enjoy swimming. I was so proud of her.

We then went for some swinging time and she came straight away when she needed to and skipped to pick up Little.

As the weather was so nice and the water finally warm enough, we went to meet my husband at work and took the girls out for a kayak on the loch. I really wish I could show a photo of them because they were beaming.

I cheated slightly when we got back and put Finding Nemo on to avoid anything that may cross our paths but all in all, ‘mummy time’ was a huge success!

The Best Bits

My best bit this week was going to pick Little up at playgroup. She ran to me, jumped into my arms and shouted, ‘Mummy, I missed you!’ I have waited a year and two months for someone to miss me.

Seeing the girls kayak was amazing. They were really confident and had real smiles on their faces.

The girls tried angel delight this week. Little announced at the end that ‘I like that stuff the angels made’!


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