They’re so beautiful…

People often tell me how beautiful the girls are. We get stopped in the street by people so that they can tell them they are beautiful. And they are. Our girls are beautiful. But it’s a compliment that’s hard sometimes.

Because we are not responsible for the genes that made them so beautiful to look at. We had nothing to do with that. Sometimes I feel like I should explain how I came to be the mother of such beautiful children. (Because I can see people wondering!)

But I decided recently to try to look past this. Because while we didn’t create their ‘beautifulness’, we are creating rare real smiles from Big. And we are creating a little dinosaur who does forward rolls wherever she is and greets us in the morning with a ‘grr!’ And we are creating a girl who giggles when she tickles me and is starting to tell me bits and pieces about her day. And we are creating a girl who when we say we’re going for a walk in the woods, runs to the door and grabs her wellies. And we’re creating a girl who now looks forward to going swimming and is happy to let me hold her in the water. And we’re creating two girls who love stories and drawing and building and a whole heap of other things.

So, our girls are beautiful, but it is the things they do everyday that makes them so.

The Best Bits

Mummy time was lovely again. We made gingerbread stars, did some shopping and read some stories.

Little has been drawing this week. Outside she drew a person holding a balloon. When I exclaimed, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ She looked at me and said, ‘Yep.’


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