Pedalling downhill…

This week, my husband has been off so I have been able to get out on my bike four times. I love biking. I love the fact that I have to keep moving to make the bike go. I love seeing everything I see when I’m on my bike, (A hare, two red kites, a buzzard, an alpaca and a fox this week.) I love it at this time of year when your ears and cheeks tingle, meaning the cold weather is coming.

The wee route I’ve been doing would best be described as undulating. Most of the time I pedal round as fast as I can and enjoy keeping the bike going. I know that if I pedal on the downhills the uphill parts will be easier as I’ll have the momentum. But sometimes… Sometimes it’s nice just to stop pedalling, to shout, ‘wheeeee’ and enjoy the wind rushing past.

And I realised that actually for the last year and three months, I’ve been mostly pedalling downhill. If I keep pedalling, we just about make it up the next uphill. If I stop, the uphill becomes much steeper and we need an electric bike to make it to the top.

I know I can’t keep pedalling but at the moment, I don’t know how to stop.*

The best bits

We took the girls out in the open canoe this week. It was brilliant. A flat calm sunny day. Big trailed her hand in the water and smiled a real smile.

We went out for the day yesterday to a wildlife park. Both girls spent just a little bit longer talking about what they could see. And Little identified a tapir, a mandrill and a porcupine. (After confusing an eagle with a porcupine, but, you know…!)

*Husband just breezed past, read it over his shoulder and suggested I get a motorbike…


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