Breadsticks and biscuits

It’s hard to know what to write about this week. With it being probably the last post I’ll write before the new year, I could do a round up of the year but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably read about it before and would be bored.

I could tell you about the violence that we’re continuing to deal with, but again, you know.

I could tell you that I had to go to the shop three times today because my brain cannot remember anything, (the guy collecting the trolleys gave me a wee wry smile the third time), but I’m sure everyone’s feeling like that just now.

I could tell you that I’m a little bit sad because I like Christmas. I like most of what comes with it but my poor big girl does not like Christmas. I can see her wanting to like Christmas, but the changes are too much (and we haven’t done that much at home), so we’re not doing much ‘Christmas’ but again, a lot of people are feeling this way.

So I’ll tell you about Little. I’ll tell you that when I pick her up from playgroup, she throws her arms around me and says, “I had fun mummy but I missed you.” I’ll tell you about the steely look she gives you when presented with a breadstick instead of a biscuit. I’ll tell you about her running along the beach in the wind with a huge smile on her face. I’ll tell you that when she comes in at three in the morning and says, ‘I just want to be with you,’ that I can actually feel the love I have for her.

I’ll tell you about the fact that the tiny 17 month old that came to us 17 months ago, is now an enormous ball of energy that cannot wear socks, that builds volcanoes out of duplo, that wears dinosaur clothes and walks along kerbs saying, ‘balance, balance, balance’.

I’ll tell you about the fact that she opened a box of chocolates that I’d bought to take into school but she asked first before eating it and she put it back. I’ll tell you about the fact that she shows huge empathy for her big sister who is struggling so much. I’ll tell you that she is getting so good at voicing what is wrong.

And I’ll tell you that she fills our home with giggles and roars and love.


The best bits

This week we went to the wee bit of woodland near our house and took the bubbles. their giggles brought smiles to everyone’s faces and we had lots of fun.

We read Mog’s Christmas this week. (Mog doesn’t like it when everything changes in the house). The girls asked why Mog wasn’t coming in and I explained about Mog not liking the changes. Quick as a flash, Big said, “That’s like me, I don’t like it when it’s different.” It’s another wee opening up and we cherished it.

We had my mum and dad here this weekend. We went for a very windy walk on the beach. Both girls said in there best bits that they liked playing on the beach with their grandparents. People are not often a factor in the best bits. It’s usually, ‘nursery’, ‘the park’ or famously, ‘pie'(!) so it was nice to see them including them.


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