There were three in the bed…

In the last 20 months I can probably count on my fingers and toes the number of full nights sleep I’ve had. This is because somewhere between the hours of 2am and 4am I’m joined by a Little visitor.


It looks okay doesn’t it? But within about 2 minutes this happens…


Or this…


And I’ve tried keeping her on the edge to avoid it but this happens… (she has the strength of ten bears in her sleep – there’s no moving her)


But once in a while, I wake up before her in the morning and I get to watch her sleeping.


And then my face looks like this…


So while I really do wish that I was getting more sleep, sometimes, it’s worth it.


The best bits

We went to Scotland’s most southerly point today. The girls both did really well (I really wish I could show you the photo of Little eating a chocolate ice cream). The sun shone and we saw porpoises! One for the ‘remember the good days’ bank.

My husband has been off work this week so we’ve tried to get out adventuring a bit. We’ve done beach, woods, different parks, out for lunch and the dentist(!). It’s been good to get out and about and the girls have enjoyed it. They’ve loved climbing trees in the woods and rocks at the beach and I think Little would dig holes until the sun went down. We’ve done okay this week. It’s been nice.


4 thoughts on “There were three in the bed…

  1. Lol we had two years of a little visitor in our bed. The irony being he’s started sleeping through in his own bed just when we bought a super kingsized bed to enable us to get a better night’s sleep with some actual space.


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