This week…

This week the girls and I have been out every afternoon. This might not sound like much to a lot of people but this time last year, I was terrified to leave the house with the both of them because I just couldn’t guarantee what was going to happen.

On Monday we went to the beach for a picnic. Little has not been to the beach without wellies on for a year. It transpired that Little just couldn’t cope with touching the sand. She spent the whole time sitting on a rock and playing on the wee strip of grass. However, I was able to mange both of them being in different places, I was able to manage ‘the leaving’ and I was able to mange the inevitable meltdown when we got home.

On Tuesday Big has football. We walked nicely, Big played football, Little ‘sticked’ stickers and we walked nicely home. Then we all had an ice lolly sitting in the garden on the swing seat.

On Wednesday we walked into town for an ice cream. Again, not a huge thing but it involved stopping to get money out, crossing roads, going into a shop, navigating the two of them with their ice creams and then playing in the park. (Then we went home and had a lolly on the swing seat – if it’s not broken…)

On Thursday we went to a different park and the woods. We had actual fun. (Slightly controlled fun obviously but fun was had!)

And today (Friday), I was very brave and asked another mum from playgroup if she would like to meet in the park with her children. We met, we played, I pretended to be a shark and a crocodile, I ate children that tasted of strawberries and slugs and we ran around a lot.

This week we have had fun.

This week I have felt like a mummy to both my children. I’m usually so tense around Big that I forget to enjoy moments. This week, I’ve enjoyed them. I’ve seen her smiling. I’ve taken her scooter so she could ‘scoot’ back from nursery. I’ve listened to her tell me about Goldilocks, the puppet that is visiting us for the weekend. I’ve been her mummy.

This week’s been good.

The best bits

Big talked to me all the way up the road from nursery today. She is so excited to have Goldilocks visiting and it was lovely to listen to and what a difference to me usually having to fill the whole walk with just my chatter. It was lovely.

Little has been Little a lot this week. She has made us laugh, she’s hugged us, she’s told us she loves us and for a few blissful minutes, she’s been still with us.




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