Awesome Autumn

I know that there will be some people who will not be happy about me writing this now. They will say that Autumn doesn’t begin until later in September but I like my things to start at the start and end at the end. So for me, Autumn starts tomorrow.

Having been off work for the last two years, I’ve been able to notice things a lot more. I always said that I couldn’t make up my mind which was my favourite season as there are so many good things about them all, but over the last two years, I’ve decided, Autumn is the best.

I love Winter, a cold, blue sky frosty morning is lovely, snow is fun and I like being outside in Winter, knowing you’re going to go into the warm. But the dark can be hard and the days can feel a bit curtailed. I like Spring because of everything coming back to life, the world appearing green again and that first day when you don’t need a coat. But sometimes it snows in April and it can feel that the warmth is never coming. Spring can feel long sometimes. Then there’s Summer. I like the idea of Summer more than the reality. There is a lot of pressure on Summer to behave. People pin a lot on it being warm and dry and often it’s not. I loved seeing the girls in the water this Summer, I’ve enjoyed picnics and kayaking and the beach.

But Summer is tricky for my girls, especially my eldest. There is too much change, a lack of routine and it’s hard.

Autumn however brings a bit of relief. We’re back into a routine (though I think this year might take a wee while longer), we know what’s happening a bit more and we relax a bit. For us Autumn means blackberry picking, chutney making and plum crumbles. It means afternoons on the beach as the sun is setting, it means walks in the woods watching the leaves fall, it means slippers and cosy jammies. Every sunny day in Autumn is savoured, commented on and enjoyed. We like Autumn in our house. I’m looking forward to it.

The best bits

We had an amazing time at the beach this weekend, both the girls were in the water with their wetsuits on and we ‘digged’ a big hole which is always fun. We had juicy peaches for snack and damned a river. It was lovely.

On a walk on Sunday we happened upon a picnic table set perfectly in the light. It seemed bigger than a usual one, ‘oh, a picnic table for giants!’ was the sentence exclaimed in awe.

(I could have called this post, ‘I don’t like school’ or ‘I know she hasn’t coloured in her pictures, it was all I could do to get to draw the pictures’ or ‘Yes, I know she seems fine but she’s really anxious and unhappy’ or ‘STOP TELLING ME SHE’S FINE’ but I didn’t. I might at a later date but I refrained tonight.


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