Sensory speaking

At gymnastics this week, Little saw a girl in a leotard, walked up to her and ran her hands all over the leotard. She couldn’t stop herself from doing this and she couldn’t stop until she had touched all of it.

At nursery on Tuesday she went to the sand tray, picked up a handful and ate it.

When she is watching telly or having a story read, she presses as much of her body as she can against you.

If she sees a lamppost, telegraph pole, traffic light, goal post, she has to swing round and round and round it.

She walks on her tiptoes constantly.

She often has to lie on the floor and press her whole body against it.

On the beach, she can either not touch the sand (to the point of crying when a grain touches her) or she covers herself in it.

She cannot wear socks or coats. (Or shoes most of the time.)

She wakes most nights, at least once, often for hours at a time.

In the swimming pool, she says the lights are too noisy. If she’s riding her bike and something is noisy, she has to get off as she can’t see properly.

I watch Little manage these things every day. I watch her try to sit next to other children and not touch them. I watch her try not to walk along with her body pressed against every wall on the way to nursery. Little is three. She shouldn’t have to manage anything. We’re doing okay to help Little, we doing okay at knowing what she can cope with sensory wise and what she can’t. But at three, these things are already having an impact on her. She seems to need so much more from the world. She seeks out sensory experiences as much as she can.

Everyone tells me, ‘oh yes, they all do that.’ But I rarely see other children walking to nursery with no shoes on. And none of the other children at football have to stop every now and then to lie on the floor and touch it. I don’t see all the other children eating sand. I’m sure all children do these things at some point. But maybe not every day.

I don’t know if these things are going to get easier for Little or harder. But I know, that sensory speaking, my Little one is currently not having an easy time and I just hope I’m doing the right things to help her.

The best bits

We went to play in the wee bit of woods near our house tonight. Big struggles to jump and land without putting her hands down. Tonight she managed it (we actually ended up having a ‘mini olympic gymnastics competition’!) and she let me give her a high five when she’d done it.

At football this week, Little managed to dribble using the inside and outside of her foot and did some awesome headers. Her daddy was able to come and watch her this week and she was so proud.


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