Turns out Disney was right…

It is a small world after all. That song has been sung a lot this holiday. In a slightly ironic, with a grimace kind of way.

This holiday has actually been one of the best ones we’ve had. We’ve been able to be on top of things, we’ve planned, we’ve divided and conquered and we’ve just about succeeded. But it’s taken the two of us and it’s meant no downtime and it’s meant that we’ve done the same things and the same places.

Our world now revolves round a very select number of places. We occasionally attempt to go somewhere different but it’s tricky. We go to the woods, we go to the beach and we go to the park. And we do okay.

But the hard part about the small world is that there’s a lot less people in it. People that really understand what we need and what they can do to help. People that are willing to understand that there are things that we just can’t do anymore. People that are willing to accept us.

My lovely friend came up this week. She listened to me (a lot), she helped tidy, she gave the girls space when they needed it and was with them when they didn’t. She was suitably silly on the trampoline and stopped when she saw she needed to. She didn’t once tell me that the girls were ‘fine’ or ‘delightful’ but she did tell me quietly as she left that she could see a huge difference in Big and how Big is with us.

I realised that we have very few people in our lives that truly get us and when they don’t it’s both exhausting and ends up making me cross. The girls need everyone on the same page. They need to see everyone doing (or at least trying to do) the same thing.

Accepting that this is the way it is, that some people just don’t seem to be able to understand us, is hard. But I’m very thankful for the people that do get it and, I think, as the girls get older, they will too.

The best bits

We took the bikes to the woods this week, twice. The first time it was new and different and it wasn’t good. The second time they both managed to ride up a ‘hill’ and they were visibly proud of themselves. They both shouted that they needed a high five. I’m looking forward to be able to explore more trails with them.

When my friend was up this week, Little was really good at telling her what she could mange and what she couldn’t. My friend asked her where she should sit at the table and Little told her. Previously, Little’s not said anything and then got upset halfway through the meal because my friend was in ‘the wrong place’. She also told her she didn’t like it when she was sitting behind her. I was really pleased to see her expressing herself so well.




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