A little bit better

It would be fair to say that 2016 has not been a good year for a lot of people. Politics, war, death have all played more of a part in this year than they should have done.

I don’t want to ignore these things or minimise them in any way, but I do want to say, that, in our little part in the world, things have got a little bit better.

Big has sat closer to me on the settee.

As this is the second time round for nursery, they know us, they are responsive to Little’s sensory needs and are understanding about things she finds difficult.

School are starting to listen (a bit.)

When I’ve hugged Big good night, she has occasionally put her arms around me too.

Little has cycled home from nursery (nearly a mile) three times.

My acceptance of how things are for us is getting better.

We went on our first family holiday. We learnt a lot from it but we did it.

Big has persevered with gymnastics and it has helped her balance so much.

Little continues to use gymnastics as 45 minutes of swinging upside down time and the coaches are getting used to this.

We had a really lovely trip out in the October holidays.

For the last three weeks, Little has slept through the night.

This morning, when the psychologist was talking about the fact that some people find it easier to pretend that Big is happy all the time, Big said ‘Mummy doesn’t do that. My mummy helps me.’ The psychologist and I were both in tears and Big had a wee cuddle.

I know it’s a little bit early to talk about the end of the year, but for four people, this year’s been a little bit better.

The best bits

We saw my niece this weekend. Both the girls were helping her walk and were playing with her in a really gentle way.

Both girls have had Christmas shows over the last two weeks. Little waved at me the whole way through hers which was so lovely and Big was able to give me a wee smile during hers.




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