My Little one

Little is going to be 4 soon. I’m dealing with it in a very mature way, by pretending it’s not happening.

I’m not sure how this has happened. How my tiny 17 month year old, who fitted perfectly on my hip (and has pretty much never left), is now nearly 4.

I sometimes feel that Little doesn’t get much airtime. That sometimes her needs are overlooked. So let me tell you about Little.

She is, quite frankly, awesome.

She can name at least 20 different types of dinosaur and 7 different types of penguin. She knows she is bigger than the smallest dinosaur but smaller than the biggest penguin.

She can currently tolerate 3 dresses. These dresses, and the accompanying tights, have to be washed regularly, and she likes to know which dress she will be wearing the next day. She can be occasionally be tempted into leggings, if I tell her we’re going biking, and that she can take them off as soon as she gets home.

She comes to find me most nights. Since she arrived, Little has slept through the night about 60 times. The other 850, I wake up to the sound of elephant feet on the floor, the door being flung open and a little one climbing into bed. I have sung ‘Hush Little Baby’ at 3am more times than I can count. She eventually goes back to sleep in a starfish position, taking up all my side of the bed. When she wakes up in the morning and sees me, she gives me the loveliest smile in the world and my lack of sleep is instantly forgotten.

She has been riding her bike since she turned 3. Down kerbs, on single track mountain bike trails and down hills with glee. She works so hard to get to the top of a hill and she shouts, ‘Wheeeee” on the way back down.

She tells me she loves me everyday. Shouting it out when she’s on her bike, grabbing my leg, looking up at me and telling me and whispering it to me before she goes to sleep.

When I pick her up from nursery, she runs at me full pelt and grabs me tight.

Her favourite teas are steak pie, haggis (hangus) and spaghetti bolognese. She is very proud that she can now slurp a whole piece of spaghetti into her mouth.

When she needs me, she comes to get me. She tells me when she is sad and she knows I’ll help her. When she is poorly, she lets me take care of her. When she needs a cuddle she comes for one. When something is worrying her, she tells me. When she’s enjoyed something, she tells me with a huge smile on her face.

She is kind and gentle and takes care of us all. I wish she didn’t feel the need to do this.

She makes my heart happy. She fills my day with love and laughter. She provides the light.

My Little one, who shouts, “Up mummy, up” about 70 times a day is nearly 4. But as she whispers to me occasionally, ‘Don’t worry mummy, I’m still your baby.’

The best bits

My mum and dad came last weekend. The girls ran to greet them coming in, Big had a huge smile on her face. They went out on their scooters with them and they all came back freezing but happy.

We went to see the penguins last weekend. Little ran over to them and one waddled over at the same time. I could hear her saying, ‘Hello, Mr Penguin, come on, come and see me, come on, you can do it.’ She was so happy to see them.

I was asked before Christmas to join the team training for netball. I’ve been going for 5 weeks and on Thursday they asked me to play in a match. The coach said, ‘I need a safe pair of hands, that’s why I’ve asked you.’ I was quite proud of myself and it was a nice feeling.


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