This week I discovered the secret of happiness. I gave Little a pancake with chocolate spread on. We’ve never had chocolate spread before but I thought she needed a wee treat.

I have honestly never seen a smile so big and a child so unable to keep still with excitement. She carried it so carefully through to the table, put one finger in the middle of it, licked her finger and shouted, ‘Thank you mummy!’

I’ll be honest, the whole thing then turned into a sensory experience and there was chocolate spread everywhere but she was so happy and she got to just be happy for a little bit.

The other lovely thing that happened this week was that Big smiled a real smile when she saw her daddy flipping the pancakes. She watched him then turned back to me and said, ‘Phew, Daddy didn’t get it on the ceiling. He’s good isn’t he?’ She tried both the pancake and the chocolate spread and was able to voice, ‘I don’t like it.’

Very small things perhaps but they have made this week so much better. Little asked if we can have pancakes again at the weekend and Big said she would like to try them again. So this year, I am very grateful for Pancake Day. Not the most obvious of ‘special days’ but for me, it was a very special one.

The best bits

At trampolining this week, they learnt a new routine. I could feel how hard Big was trying and when I gave her a wee thumbs up she gave me a wee smile back.

I’ve started reading a chapter book to Big in our special time. She has run to get the book for the last two nights and has leaned into me on the rocking chair as I’ve read. Tonight she asked if we could read it again when we’ve finished it.

This weekend we had friends over and Little played with them for ages. Usually when we have people over, she plays on her own but she was totally engaged in imaginative play with them and it was lovely to watch her. When I was helping at nursery today she was also playing with a group of children for ages. I’ve been a bit worried about her so I was really happy that she was with them. (She was a T-Rex!)


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