Digital dinosaur

It would be fair to say that I’m not really made for the age I live in. I was definitely made for a time when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is. When my computer thinks that it is cleverer than me, or doesn’t do what I need it to do, I can get cross in about 1.5 milliseconds.

I don’t like the fact that my phone now comes everywhere with me and that I can’t remember phone numbers anymore and that when the girls take a photo they use their index fingers to point at a screen. I don’t like the fact that I put my phone in my pocket all the time because it’s counting my steps and some days I need every single one of them and I don’t like that if I’ve looked something up, that thing then turns into an advert on the next thing I look up.

BUT. But. But. If computers didn’t exist and if smartphones didn’t exist there are some days that would have been very different in our house. If I hadn’t discovered Twitter and the brilliantly supportive adoption community there I wouldn’t know half the things I know now. I wouldn’t have support that understands exactly what I mean and is able to respond with help and support and humour everyday.

With Twitter I know I can tweet ‘Big sat next to me on the sofa’ and people will know the enormity of that. I know I can talk about the violence that occurs in our house and people will be able to advise and support. I know I can talk about the funny things that Little does and people know how much they mean to me.

Finding Twitter meant that I found the #WASO,  without which I wouldn’t have read other people’s great blogs and I wouldn’t have had the courage to start writing mine. Because writing mine helps. It helps me to get things out of my head a bit, sometimes it helps me focus on the good bits and sometimes it helps me to talk about the sad bits.

So I would like to say a very grateful thank you to all the wonderful people who support me on Twitter everyday and to the people who read my waffly writing, for helping me to process this  journey that we’re on. It means an awful lot and you all really have helped our family make the little steps forward that we’re making. Thank you.

The best bits

Little has been helping me in the garden a lot recently. She is so interested in what’s going on. We’ve planted some herbs, we’ve built a bug hotel, we’ve put bark chips down and she’s just been amazing. Wherever I’ve been, she’s been right there, wielding a rake or a spade with a grin and a ‘oof, this is very heavy mummy!’

On Saturday we went to the wee patch of woods near our house. Big was desperate to play rugby so we took the ball and had fun throwing the ball around for a bit. We then played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and she help my hand running away from the ‘wolf’.


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