So far today…

So far today we’ve been up for quite a long time.

So far today we’ve had conversations that involve mummy, new mummy, birth mummy, first names and ‘her’ (me).

So far today we’ve had lots of hysterical giggling.

So far today we’ve had no eye contact, lots of avoiding answering questions and lots of growling.

So far today I’ve been presented with a clay tea light holder that has been ‘hidden’ (“It’s in my sock drawer mummy but it’s still a surprise!”) since Friday with a hug and a smile.

So far today I’ve wondered if maybe they might be thinking about their birth mother today. (To be met with the fabulous response ‘Oh here we go, this is the boring bit where you tell me what I’m feeling.’)

So far today we’ve made a crocodile and a giraffe.

So far today we’re not able to manage very much. Jenga towers are falling, the music isn’t loud enough/quiet enough, the cup wasn’t right at breakfast. (It was the same cup as always.)

So far today we’ve no plans other than keeping close, staying near home and eating lots of Yorkshire puddings.

So far today I’m doing what I can to help the girls with whatever it is they need.

To all the parents who are helping their children manage tricky feelings today, I send a wee hug and a Yorkshire pudding.




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