This week has been full of visits. Too many visits. Some lovely visits, some tricky visits, some hard visits. Visits to new classes, visits to places, visits from people, visits by me to school to watch assemblies. It’s been a very difficult week on top of a difficult few months.

But I won’t tell you about that. Instead I’ll tell you about another visit that got planned in intricate detail this week.

Little: Mummy, can we go and visit the Queen one day?

Me: Um, well, the Queen stays in London and it’s really busy there. So busy that daddy won’t go.

Little: That’s okay, daddy can stay and have a little snooze while you take me.

Me; Okay…

Little: We’ll go in the car. What’s the big house called again where she lives?

Me: Buckingham Palace.

Little: That’s it. You can drive us there. What does she look like?

Me: Sort of like she does in Minions but with grey hair.

Little: Grey like elephants?

Me: Erm…

Little: Oh! Mummy! You’ll need a gown to go and visit the Queen. You don’t have one. Cept your wedding dress. Can you wear your wedding dress? No, we’ll have to go and buy you a gown.

Me: Okay…

Little: And a hat. You’ll need a hat too. Does she have a prince?

Me: Prince Philip

Little: Do the Queen and Prince Philip have a phone?

Me: Yep

Little: Right, I’ll phone them to let them know we’re going to visit them.

So there you go. Little and I are going to visit the Queen. Wearing gowns and hats.

The best bits

On Monday I got ‘nice ice lollies’ to have for after school. When Big asked me why we had them I said that I thought the day might have been tricky for her (it was her assembly). ‘Huh. Well. You thinked right.’ We didn’t get any further than that but I hope that she knew that I’d ‘thinked’ about her, and that it helped her a bit.

We went to the beach this week instead of sports day. We had a lovely time. Little spent ages making a pool in the river by building the sand up. She then discovered that when it broke it made a wee slide for her to go down so we then had to build many more! It was lovely to see her so engaged and to see her persevere with things.






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