Three years…

Three years is 1095 days.

Three years is such a long time.

Three years is no time at all.

Three years is nearly half of Big’s life.

Three years is nearly three quarters of Little’s life.

Three years is a Peppa party, a Frozen party and a unicorn party.

Three years is a Grufflo party, a dinosaur party and a penguin party.

Three years is hundreds of ‘I hate you(s)’.

Three years is three ‘I love you(s).’

Three years is woods and beaches.

Three years is learning to ride bikes.

Three years is learning how to swim.

Three years is wetsuits and bodyboarding and kayaking.

Three years is stories and drawing and colouring.

Three years is two and three quarters years of not sleeping through the night.

Three years is lullabies and whispered words.

Three years is learning when things need to be soft or hard. When things need to be gloopy or dry. When things need to be crunchy or smooth. When things need to be heavy or light.

Three years is two moments of lying on the floor, tears pouring, wondering ‘Can we actually keep doing this?’

Three years is smiles and giggles and cuddles.

Three years is playgroup and nursery and school.

Three years is meetings. And meetings.

Three years is bites and kicks and punches.

Three years is reading. And rereading.

Three years is asking the amazing people on Twitter, ‘What could we do when…?’

Three years is support from some expected places. And some very unexpected ones.

Three years is waking up each morning with a smile and a ‘Good morning my lovelies.’

Three years is wondering. Are we doing enough? Are we doing everything we can for Big? Are we helping Little enough?

Three years is hoping. Hoping we’re doing enough. Hoping we’re doing everything we can for Big. Hoping we’re helping Little enough.

Three years is how long we’ve been a family. Such a long time, and no time at all.

Three years is us, just now. All 1095 days of them.




2 thoughts on “Three years…

  1. Beautiful. Sums up the highs and lows of adoption really well. We’ve been at this for 3 years and nearly 7 months and every day is a new challenge. Everyday I wonder if I’m able to do this and everyday I get through another day. It’s hard work but good mainly thankless work. I hope you keep getting the support you all need. I have had people be so unexpectedly kind and generous to us for them to say down the line “I’m adopted too” or “My mum was adopted”. And it hasn’t petered out as time has gone by. Here’s to the next 3 years!

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