The ‘best’ best bits

Somebody lovely commented on my last post saying that they enjoy reading the best bits. So I thought I’d do lots of them.

Both the girls learnt to swim this year. Big swam 20m independently and Little can currently do about half a width. It’s not an elegant style but they’ve tried so hard to get there. When they came to us, they’d never been in a pool. We’ve been every week for three and a half years and I’m so glad we have. When Big first jumped in on her own the lifeguard on duty was the same one who’d been there on the first day we took them. She cried a little bit too as she said she couldn’t believe how far she’d watched them come.

They are both amazing on their bikes. When I think about how much sensory stuff they are having to overcome to do this, it’s incredible. I think they actually get a lot of feedback from it as they go up and down kerbs, down ‘the big hill’ and on the mountain bike tracks. I love watching them.

I really wish I could show a video of how much Big has improved at gymnastics. For a year everything she did was in separate bits. Walk to the vault, step on the springboard, climb on the vault, walk along, jump off, touch the floor. Now she runs, jumps, walks, jumps in one fluid movement. I still well up when I see her. Little loves gymnastics. She can hang on the bars, tuck her knees up, touch the bar with her feet then rotate round.

‘Out’ has always been the best place to be but coming back from ‘out’ was always fraught. Recently, we’ve not had so much fraught. It’s been lovely being out and then we’ve come home.

This year we have been lucky enough to stay at The Open Nest twice. I cannot describe how wonderful it is there. I have NEVER seen Big so relaxed. The second time we went she came home in the car without a meltdown. This has never happened on a day trip before. (It hasn’t since, the place is magic and wonder, I tell you.)



We bought a paddle board this year. It is the best thing ever. I would take one of them on the board and the other would go in the canoe with my husband and we would swap about. They’ve done so much ‘wild’ swimming this year and have explored lots of lochs and seas. We also got them wetsuits which was probably another ‘best thing ever’.


In the summer we met up with a wonderful family from Twitter. Seeing our girls play together was fab. We went in the water and seeing them all experience something and be confident at it was lovely.

We had a proper fence built this year. (After the old one had blown down four times we thought we needed to.) Big asked if we could paint it in rainbow colours. She’s never asked for anything so we did. We worked together to paint it and she smiled a real smile.


Today, at the beach, Big gave me a little hug.


Wishing everybody happiness, peace and calm for next year and here’s hoping for many more best bits.


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