New mum of two. Desperately trying to get it right, failing most days but trying again the next.

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  1. Oh, I so remember this…

    Our 3 were 4, 3 and 21 months when they came home. Over the first year I developed the skin of a rhino, the drinking habits of a camel and the bladder capacity of a carthorse. It was a long time before we could all handle being in the same house without being within touching distance all the time. Wee breaks were reintroduced sneakily via games of hide and seek, where hiding gave me a precious window of opportunity of up to 2 whole minutes. And I’ve treated tea breaks as an essential life skill & calming ritual to be learned and taken seriously – we all sit down for a cup of tea together after school, at set times on non-school days & on arrival at their Grandparents’ house. Well, in their case ‘tea’ is milk with some warm water & a drip or 2 from the teabag, but whatever. I’m hoping this will stand them in good stead in later life – they have learned to sit still and quiet for the few minutes it takes to have a drink, and the first thing they ask any visitors is no longer if they’ve brought a present, but whether they’d like a cup of tea, bless them.

    We’re 4 years on now and they understand that sometimes Mum just needs a cup of tea and 5 minutes peace and quiet. Be patient, it won’t always be like this – like a good brew, you’ll get stronger with time xxx


    1. I really like the idea of having a ‘tea break’. I’m going to look for some special cups that we can all use to make it seem important. Thank you for sharing that. Hide & seek with us is currently ‘you hide there, you hide there, no counting & then finding’! And if I’m counting they hide for about 3 seconds then jump out! I’m sure this will develop. Thank you for replying.


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